Egyptian Group for Projects trade in Cement since 2004, As we are shareholders founders in Medicom Aswan Cement Factory since 2005, it postions us to be one of the big exporters and traders for Portland Cement, White Cement & Clinker by exporting massive number of vessels and trucks for years.


E.G.P. placed as one of the main Exporter for Cement since 2005, Clinker supplying was a mandatory in last period as the lake of energy resources in Egypt.


Offshore trading in OPC, Clinker and White Cement either bulk or bagged is our focus for the time being.


We centered our focus on South East African markets in the current period.


Local market is very wide in Egypt we alocated our activities in 50 Kgs. bags in upper Egypt and for bulk in the whole country.


The company relies on the experience of the power of logisitcs network and wide experience in the maritime and land transportation; Because of its pervious records of experiences.