Modern Irrigation Systems


Meconic Filtration system:

  • Disk Filters  

  • Screen Filters  

  • Auto-Cyclone Filters

  • Sand Filters 

Submersible Pumps


Drip Irrigation

Pivot Irrigation


Dosmatic Dosing Liquid Pump:

(Non-electric pump) For irrigation, livestock, Industry & laboratory


For Irrigation, Industry and Domestic Water Treatments Plants. 

Hydraulic Valves, Gate valves,

Air Release Valves, Pressure release valves

Irrigation Systems


Egyptian Group for Projects build generous history in agricultural field  since 1984, expertise in modern irrigation systems, design, installation in major turnkey projects in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Sudan.

Since 1995 E.G.P. have became commerical sole agent for modern irrigation major agricultural companies from USA and Europe 

( Filtration Systems, Valves, etc,.. ) 

In 2001 we established our production and assembly for filtration units with European and International Standards.

EGP is a full house that serve its clients: Consultancy, Project Design, Tendering, Procuring, Supplying & Training, Achieving Turnkey Projects expertise since 1984 in Agriculture Development & Modern Irrigation Systems.

Since 2017 Engineering Valves Manufacturing Co. S.A. ( SEMAM ) established as manufacturer & Assembler for Hydraulic Valves & Meconic Filters under Spanish License.