Sand Filters 


The metal pressure filters MECONIC SERIES 500 have been specially designed and developed for installations in industry, in agriculture, in costruction building as well as for domesitc uses.


MECONIC offers a fast, easy and efficient acces to the interior of the filter.


The SERIES 500 filters are specially used for the filteration and retention of organic matter in the water. They are neccessary whenever the water has been exposed to sunlight with the subsequent growth of algae.


The filteration takes place when the water runs through the sand causing three different effects:

Sieving in the upper layer of the sand.

Fileration through adherence.

Sedimentation of particles.

Automatic Cyclone Filters

The MECONIC SERIES 300 consist of a filter element whose water flow direction is from the interior to the exterior. A specially perforated plate is added to create centrifugal movement which forces the flowing particles to the exterior and deposing them in the collection cell in the bottom of the filter.


The SERIES 300 comes with four rubber stoppers.


For the best possible functioning of the SERIES 300 the filter must be adjusted to the actual flowrate of the water. This is done by blocking an appropriate number of holes in the perforated plate.

Screen Filters


The filter elements in the MECONIC SERIES 200 are provided with PVC support, and extra inner filter screen and an outer filter screen of stainless steel plastic Disk element.The flow direction of the liquid is indicated by the arrowns on the filter. DO NOT EVER REVERSE THIS DIRECTION



Disk Filters


The filter elements in the MECONIC SERIES 600 are provided with plastic disk element, The flow direction of the liquid is indicated by the arrows on the filter; when reversed allows for the automatic backwashing of the disk and with the option of automatization.


They have a large filter surface, a great capacity of retaining solid matter and a long operational life

Meconic Filters 


In 1999 E.G.P. break into Irrigation Filteration market with MECONIC Spanish Filteration Series as sole agent in Egypt and Sudan. Achieving remarkable positioning in filteration market in very short period.

E.G.P. established first assembly and produced its first filters in 2001 with highest development and technology with European Standards; Kept pace of its market share in Egypt.

Since 2005 E.G.P. carry MECONIC Worldwide copyrights.