Engineering Valves Manufacturing Co. S.A.

( SEMAM ) Hydraulic Valves & Filters

Engineering Valves Manufacturing Co. S.A. ( SEMAM ) established 2017, as manufacturer/assembler for Hydraulic Diaphragm Valves & Modern Irrigation Filters.

SEMAM Valves manufacturing / assembling its valves under license of RIS IBERIA for AGP Valves - Spain. & MECONIC Filtration Systems 

Positing ourselves leaders of our kinds in Egyptian & African markets filling the need of the high demands of


Hydraulic Diaphragm Valves:

  • Manual & Electric Control Valves

  • Manual & Electric Pressure Reducing Valves

  • Manual & Electric Pressure Sustaining Valves

  • Safety / Quick Relief Valves

  • Level Control Valves

  • Backwash Valves

Modern Irrigation Filters:

  • Sand Filters

  • Autocyclone Filters 

  • Disk Filters

  • Screen Filters


This position our Valves & Filters with Spanish breakthrough technology for its designs & efficiency approved by our clients for years.

Benefiting Egypt Location in the heart of the World and Africa that made us in the higher position with our competitors. 


  • Low pressure losses 

  • Easy maintenance 

  • Simplicity of construction

  • Great solidity

  • Slow opening & closing to avoid hydraulic hammer

  • Different working pressures

  • Possibility of operation in dirty water 

  • Little turbulence thanks to the hydrodynamic profile

  • Sizes 1 1/2" till 12" Threaded & Flanged

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  • Meconic Disk Filter Series EGP600

  • Meconic Screen Filter Series EGP200

  • Meconic Autocyclone Filter Series EGP300

  • Meconic Sand Filter Series EGP500

       All Sizes in each Series

Meconic Filters
Series EGP 500
Meconic Filteration & AGP Valves St.
Series EGP 400
Meconic filters in upper Egypt
Series EGP 500
Screen Filter Series 200
Series 200