AGP Valves Manufactures


Hydraulic Valves: from 2 " to 12" ​:

    (Electric - Float - Pressure Reducing -      Pressure Sustaining - Safety -                  Electric Pressure Reducing -                    Flow Limiting)

Hydraulic control pilots / Solenoids
Filter cleaning valves. 
Self-governed timers.


Achieving the full satisfaction of our customer's needs and expectations. Developing a process of continuous improvement in all activities and processes carried out by the company. Quality understood as the optimum manufacturing and service suited to each client's need.

Innovation and Technology

Innovation is one of the keys at AGP. Innovation allows us to offer an increasingly efficient, solid and cheaper product. Developing new designs and the application of new materials and technologies allow us to adjust at any time to our customers needs.




E.G.P. Supplies Valves since we became Sole Agent for AGP Válvulas in Egypt and Sudan in 2000; After we our sucess in building powerful plateform E.G.P. and AGP decided to assembly Valves in Egypt with the European Standards under RIS IBERIA / AGP license in 2016 / 2017 to keep pace with our market share and expand it.