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Who we are?

The leading Contractor and Trading House between Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Libya and all African Horn & Middle East

Egyptian Group for Projects (EGP) is an Egyptian Privately owned trading company, Strongly established & postioned in market since1984, ​as Irrigation Systems EPC Contractors and manufacturer for Filtration Units and Valves.

Since 2004 EGP intensified its efforts in Clinker & Cement Exporter, to Sudan and East Africa and Fertilizers exports to India and Far East exceeding 1M Mts of products since then. 

In 2001 High Dame Company Ltd. a sister company established specialized in distributing Cement in the local market in Upper Egypt, Cairo and NorthCoast regions.

EGP Shareholder Founder in:

    Medcom Aswan Cement Plant - Egypt

    Misr Khartom for General Trading Ltd. - Egypt       Malcovena for Investment Co. Ltd. - Sudan     


What we do?


Commodity Trading

  1. Building Materials:
    ​Ordinary Portland Cement, White Cement, Clinker, Gypsum,

  2. Coals:
    Steam Coal, Petcoke.

  3. Fertilizers:
    Urea, DAP, Rock Phosphate, GTSP, GSSP, SOP, Phosphoric Acid.

  4. Minerals:
    Silica Sand, Gypsum Ore, Manganese Ore, Kaolin

  5. Grains:
    Wheat Flour, Pasta, Sunflower Oil

We serve and deliver with efficiency,  

ensuring Quality, supplying experience and profitable transaction to our clients

We are committed to our clients with Honesty, Integrity and ethics.

Our Strength lies on prioritizing our customers benefits and interest

Masters in cost effective solutions, 

providing actively based working environment 

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Tug Trucking & Shipping Ltd.

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