Commodities are not strictly limited to so-called ‘pure’ elements like gold. A commodity can be produced from a raw element, as Cement is produced from Limestone. A commodity can also be mined directly from the Earth, such as a Manganese.


As Egypt is one of the big players in the commodities market;

Therefore E.G.P. objected to be part of it, Our specialty in certain elemtents and products such as Cement with all its forms

(OPC, Clinker, White Cement) and its additives such as Fly Ash,

Steam Coal & Petroleum Coke, Manganese Ore, Iron Ore and etc. 





We succeed to penetrate the MENA region with our precision and commitment and servicing our clients by enhancing our relationship. 


Our Stength lies in our ability to logistics services and the importance of our clients' interests.